Evening Primrose – A Natural Acne Remedy

Evening Primrose is a herb that can be used as a natural acne remedy in a number of ways. Acne is a chronic disorder which causes inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Evening primrose is a plant that is native to North America but is now cultivated in Europe and around the world. The evening primrose plant is very attractive and the flowers only last for a single day even though they bloom daily throughout the summer months.

However it is not the flowers that are used but the seeds. The seeds are used to produce evening primrose oil which is used both for medicinal purposes and in cosmetics. It has many active ingredients that make it an effective natural acne remedy.

Linolenic Acid and Gamma Linolenic Acid are both natural remedies for imflammation and pain which can help reduce some of the swelling caused by the acne. It can also be helpful for other ailments such as arthritis and inflammation of the joints and ligaments.

It also helps to dilute the sebum which is the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands.

How to Use Evening Primrose as a Natural Acne Remedy

There are a couple of ways in which Evening Primrose can be used as a natural acne remedy. It comes in the form of both an oil which can be topically applied and as a supplement which is taken orally. For maximum effectiveness use both forms.

To use the evening primrose oil to treat acne topically then first of all ensure that you cleanse the skin prior to application and then gently rub in the oil to the affected areas. This can be left overnight but make sure to cleanse again thoroughly in the morning.

When looking for a brand of evening primrose oil to purchase, try to find one that has been manufactured from plants that have been grown organically. These plants have not been treated with pesticides or other dangerous chemicals and so the medicinal properties are purer and stronger. You can tell a good quality oil by its colour: oils from organically grown plants tend to be brown in color while others are more yellow.

If you wish to use evening primrose internally as a natural acne remedy then you can take it as a supplement – take 3000 to 6000 milligrams per day. Also you can also use the herb to make a tea. Put one teaspoon of evening primrose leaves or flower petals in one cup of boiling water. Ensure that you make your tea in a china or glass pot as metal containers can destroy the medicinal properties of the herb.