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Erectile dysfunction (impotence) – a disease when man can not achieve penis enlargement, its solidification and erection, as a result can not commit full sexual act. With impotence man can not maintain an erection penis long enough to carry a full sex. Erectile dysfunction is not directly related to ejaculation – ability of men to ejaculation.

There are three types of erectile dysfunction – an organic, psychogenic, and mixed.

1) The organic erectile dysfunction. Usually disorder of sexual function – is not an independent disease, but concomitant. For example Erectile dysfunction may occurs in urological diseases, endocrine disorders (diabetes, hypogonadism). Impotence may also be associated with lesions in the cerebral cortex, responsible for ruglirovaniya sexual function.

2) Psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Previously, the main reason of Impotence considered a variety of psychological problems. Most men their failures in bed blamed on fatigue, stress, family and work problems. However, during the different study found that Erectile dysfunction has purely psychological nature only in 10-20% of cases.

3) Mixed erectile dysfunction. Meets often enough and includes ogranicheskuyu and psychogenic erectile dysfunction. However, it is important to remember that regardless of the variety of the disease, it requires close attention, as well as medical and psychological assistance.

Starting from the middle ages doctors have tried to develop a drug that can improve erectile dysfunction, but only to the mid-1930s such medicine was invented. And in 1990, when the new properties of sildenafil were discovered, has started a whole new, more effective stage of treatment of potency. In 1992, clinical trials revealed the influence of sildenafil on blood flow in the pelvic organs (penis). And in 1998 the new drug Viagra entered the world market – a revolutionary tool in the fight against erectile dysfunction. The drug had an incredible worldwide success, its popularity grew an incredible pace, but the price of the drug was too high. This lasted until a new drug appeared on the world market – Kamagra.

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